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HOLY SIREN + CHERISHED- Holy Power, Upgraded Pleasure, Self Love, Especially after Addiction, Grief or Narcissistic Abuse- Limited Spots for a Limitless Life Experience

HOLY SIREN + CHERISHED- Holy Power, Upgraded Pleasure, Self Love, Especially after Addiction, Grief or Narcissistic Abuse- Limited Spots for a Limitless Life Experience

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CHERISH WHO YOU ARE WITH ME, anyone called to this is welcome.

Come with me Beauty. Let me be your Sanctuary. Let me mirror back your Beauty, Strength & Value like no one else ever has. 

My gift has always been to see the true Essence, to see the Beauty under the Doubt.

I have made my way from very dark waters...where I was left to drown. But I didn't, and I so glad I didn't give up and I can be here with you now.

I know how hard it can be, but you are not alone. We all need help to rise to our next level. 

You will be immersed with me for these six weeks, in healing waters, refreshed, carrying this new vitality and glow with you, which will benefit everyone around you too. 

But first you. 

Take this journey with me into your beautiful depths. 

Learn what others die not knowing, and be reborn while still on Earth. 

Life is made for this, you know in your heart there is more to Life than just existing. 

Take my hand Beauty, I will show you greatness, and I will help you relax into the wondrous support and exhilaration of Life itself. 

Do not miss out on fully living Life being all your Truly are. xoxox Andrea Coeur


Four weeks (you may take the 4 calls sooner if you desire, must be 24 hours apart, Andrea's schedule permitting)

- Calls where you will be immersed with me with multiple touch points as I guide you to enter your darker waters, cleanse out the gunk, and come out refreshed, feeling back on top and revived again.

This is for whenever you need a BOOST of confidence, self love, clarity in your life, so you can release sabotage from your next level of success and receive support from the world around you. Overcoming self-destructive tendencies,  negative self-talk, making progress with addictions, just feeling low or not playing full out or expressing your truth honestly and with love, feeling shy when you need to be strong...all these things that people think they are fated to live out are not if you are willing to heal the gaps that created the need for these coping strategies. 

You could have suffered a big loss or are recovering from a bad childhood or marriage. Anything that draws you to the first image, is valid.

The techniques I use here work whether the narcissist was a partner or a parent, or a group of people who were bullying you. Or whether you just want to upgrade your experience of life by up-leveling how you treat yourself.

1777 is for 4 calls of comforting, elevating, paradigm-shifting support from me with multiple touch points each week so you will never feel alone in this journey during this time.

  • Audio calls over zoom

  • Weekly emails/Tarot readings/ Holy Fire Reiki Energy Healing sessions

  • Whatsapp voice memo support so you can connect with my energy between calls

Prepare to be PAMPERED. You deserve to give yourself the time to get the GIFT of you.

This is going to be DEEP but its also going to be PLAYFUL. The way to move forward is to balance energies out, not get rooted in them. And we will do it together!

Have no fears, if we are not a fit I will refund you in the first 15 minutes. Come to the call with an open mind, and this first call can be the beginning of the rest of your life.


This program is for anyone that wants to explore themselves and uplevel, but also especially those who suffered from loss or narcissistic abuse find this useful.

Here is some information on family scapegoat recovery and empath/narcissism in case it helps you. xx

Healing from Narcissistic Parents or Relationships, Go from Victim to Hero,

The only way to ascend higher than the narcissist empath dynamic is to truly heal, otherwise you will just attract another narcissist in the same place you were wounded. 

What you will get is a hard reset on all the sh*tty thoughts in your head, into an inner dialogue that will soothe you, champion you and begin to set your free.

What the value will be, is cutting the anchor off and feeling able to dissolve into a completely new version of you.

This training will change the course of your life for good if you let it. 

And it will allow you to act more detached from those you need, yet more harmonious with those who deserve your affection.

Please read some of my testimonials by scrolling to the bottom of my website, so you know what you might be able to expect.  All from someone on your side, who has been in dark depths like you and climbed up to higher grounds.

You will also gain many tools you can use for yourself when we are done and extra recordings of support you will have access to, to help you grow.

You may renew this package as long as you desire to keep healing.

This is for individuals who are willing to drop their grip on the past and truly elevate to another level for good. Is that you?

Are you willing to try to have a much brighter life right now?

Message me if you have any questions.

Again, read testimonials on the bottom on my site so you understand what might be possible. 


More info about the Family Scapegoat

In the complex dynamics of family systems, certain individuals may be singled out as the family scapegoat. This person becomes the target of blame and criticism, often facing emotional and psychological abuse. Being cast in this role can have profound and long-lasting effects on the scapegoat's mental well-being and self-esteem. But regardless of role, our job is always to go from victim to hero. I will show how as above so that however harrowing the journey may be below however magnificent the true catalyst for extraordinary rebirth above and then on earth.

Once someone is labeled the family scapegoat, it becomes an entrenched pattern. Family members may find solace in blaming this individual for various problems, conflicts, or shortcomings within the family. This cycle of blame often stretches back to the scapegoat's childhood, causing them to internalize feelings of inadequacy, guilt, and worthlessness.

In the context of a dysfunctional family, true love is stifled and overshadowed by toxic patterns and unresolved issues. The scapegoat is denied the affection and validation they deserve, as their role as the family's "designated problem" clouds any positive regard from their relatives. Instead, they may face emotional neglect, gaslighting, and isolation, leading to a profound sense of loneliness and despair.

Escaping the family scapegoat role is akin to a spiritual battle, as it demands immense strength and resilience. It requires the individual to confront their own pain, trauma, and self-doubt while challenging the dysfunctional dynamics within their family. Breaking free from the scapegoat identity is an arduous process of self-discovery, healing, and growth.

* The Phoenix Rising from Ashes: The scapegoat's journey can be likened to the mythical phoenix that rises from its ashes. Just as the phoenix undergoes destruction and rebirth, the scapegoat must confront the emotional turmoil within their family of origin and emerge stronger, wiser, and more resilient.
* The Lone Wolf's Quest: Like a lone wolf, the scapegoat embarks on a solitary quest for self-discovery and healing. The path may be lonely and challenging, but the journey leads to the revelation of their inner strength and true identity, independent of their family's projections.
* The Butterfly's Metamorphosis: Similar to a butterfly's metamorphosis, the scapegoat undergoes a profound transformation. Through introspection and self-awareness, they shed the old beliefs and pain inherited from their family and embrace their authentic self, finally breaking free from the constraints of the scapegoat role.

Interestingly, while the scapegoat suffers deeply within the family system, they also serve as a mirror, reflecting the family's dysfunctional patterns. By carrying the burden of blame, the scapegoat exposes the family's inability to communicate effectively, cope with emotions, and address underlying issues. The scapegoat's struggles become a catalyst for the family to confront their own dysfunctions.

As the scapegoat progresses on their journey, they may unintentionally demonstrate what real love and freedom look like for other family members. By setting boundaries and choosing to prioritize their well-being, they model self-respect and assertiveness. Their pursuit of personal growth and healing can inspire others to embark on their own paths toward emotional liberation.

The journey of the scapegoat is not about becoming a hero in the traditional sense, but rather, it is an inner hero's journey—a battle against the internalized beliefs and emotions that have hindered their growth and happiness. The scapegoat's courage lies in their willingness to confront the painful truths of their past and actively seek healing and personal growth.


Being identified as the family scapegoat can be a harrowing experience, leaving scars on the soul of the individual. The absence of true love and support within the family of origin can make the journey to greener pastures a spiritual battle. However, in their struggle to escape this role, the scapegoat serves as a catalyst for change within the dysfunctional family system, demonstrating the power of love, freedom, and healing. Ultimately, the scapegoat's journey is one of resilience, self-discovery, and the reclamation of personal power—an odyssey that sheds light not only on their own growth but also on the potential for transformation within their family.

No refunds for packages, but I will refund you in the first 15 minutes of our first call if we are not a fit. Spots are limited. Testimonial results may not be typical. How I healed is I did whatever it took to heal. I hope you do the same for yourself.

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