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Your Cosmic Karma Birth Chart, Your Gifts, Strengths, Higher Purpose, Love, Charisma & Getting Unstuck 80+ Minutes Personalized Audio Recordings

Your Cosmic Karma Birth Chart, Your Gifts, Strengths, Higher Purpose, Love, Charisma & Getting Unstuck 80+ Minutes Personalized Audio Recordings

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What you will get it your three most pivotal chart aspects that are highly overlooked, in relation to your overall chart.

  • You will know what Type of Career or Purpose is Cosmically Coded in You
  • This will be a personal Guide Map to all your Unique Markers that you can use as a Resource for the rest of your Life if you Desire

This is read from the standpoint of liberation, direction, highlighting your healing abilities, and where you may suffer (persecuted) and how to overcome it. With specific tips to help you make the most  of these placements.

80 minutes plus of personalized audio on your overall chart, broken up into smaller clips for easy access, with a special emphasis on the three key placements as a healer, sensitive person, artist, you must master to be free and fulfilled. This reading will let you know exactly what your star aligned destiny in this lifetime is.

These are recordings that are delivered to your email address. You will be able to send me an email to let me know how you received them of course.  

Especially is your consider yourself an artist, empath, lightworker, the three main points of where you are likely to be persecuted and how to deal with, where you are likely to be misunderstood and how to address it, and whether you are resorting to past lives, or are actually on track with what you are here to fulfill and the specific signs you can look for are included in here. 

 I find that focusing the overall chart, especially in relation to the these key components, benefit my clients greatly in their progression, as they are the repressed, lesser known, and persecuted/wounded aspects.
Getting clarity through these modules could really shift your life. And help you to feel free to step into your dharma and make whatever hard choices  might be necessary.
Your personal total audio running time for these audios recordings will be 70 plus minutes.

There is a ORDER NOTES section that will appear when you add this to your cart, please input the following info below so I may get to chart back to you as quickly as possible. If you forget I will email you. 

Please send me some sentences on how you are doing in life right now, and what you most need in the notes when you send this. That way I can be sure to pointedly address what you most need right now. If you don't include anything, I will use my intuition to give you what you most need, no worries.

To get your birth chart: I need to know
  • your name
  • your birth month (spell out the month with letters)
  • day you were born (numbers)
  • the year your were born
  • city and state (or country) where you were born, location matters be specific
  • the TIME of your birth on your birth certificate (you can try to approximate if you are much older and it is not on your birth certificate), you want as exact a time as possible. Do not do military time, give me the time in AM or PM

1. Where your life destiny is, and what are signs you are on it, as well as ways to know when you are reverting to old karma. 

2. How you love, and things to keep in mind to communicate with others to improve your relationships. When you may be misunderstood in relationships and how to best balance that energy.

3. What your core wound is, and how it relates to your career, and what you need to do to balance that energy out and make things more light and fun for you, and for others around you. 

4. Your unique depths of consciousness, your mystery, your unique allure and how to maximize it. 

5. Your talents, your skills and areas where you are cosmically designed to be able to deliver more than others and how to gain mastery over that to stand out. 

6. Where you may falter and how to try to reset yourself if you do, without judgement. Areas where you may be persecuted and how to settle your nervous system when that happens and release shame. 

7. What are the tests your set up for yourself when you chose your astrology before coming into this world and what is the thing you came in here to do or become. 

And much much more~

I first created this with my own private clients, and I noticed that clients that received these modules actually integrated what I was saying much faster. I think this is because their mind was able to more easily let these truths settle into their body, perhaps because what I divined, correlated to what was actually in their chart... they were much more willing to receive it as true. 

A big difference in how I am doing these modules versus traditional astrology is that instead of giving you a chart analysis that has differing messages like, you will be lucky on love, this placement means you will be unlucky...that sort of incongruent feedback I myself have paid hundreds of dollars per chart for from others and gotten in frustration...I am blending them all together, and showing you how to upgrade your personal vehicle, making the most of the magic and power of your unique placements, rather than describing multiple vehicles, with no way to master how they can work in unison for you. 
This product tells the story of ways you can adjust your own settings to maximize your potential.

These modules will translate all that extraordinary information, into something digestible that you can actually take action on & access your unique codes.
These modules will also include rituals specific to certain placements, that you can apply now to create ripples in your life. 

I will put 100 percent of my care into these, I want these to deeply serve your growth. Imagine having so much personalized direction, care and rituals...on audios tailored just for you. 

Think about it...
If you were to invest in really understanding your unique cosmic karma (a hack into your birth chart from a intuitively planetary approach), imagine how much time and effort you would not only save, but also how much you could truly begin to enjoy your life on a much deeper harmonious level than ever before. Planets are immense sources of energy. Once your begin to actually understand how to connect with them, and in what way, based on your natal chart, great shifts can be made. It is also deeply comforting to be able to expand your connection to other frequencies, than just those based on Earth. Everyone is drawn to the authentic mystic that is connected to the celestial world, because everyone feels a void and knows there is more to life than societal expectations. Once you understand exactly how to work with each planet, make offerings, and turn on all your built in upgrades that you may not have known about, that were coded in the stars, life can go from good to magnificent.

When you finally face your cosmic karma, you begin to see that certain events you wish had not happened, were actually put on your path for a reason. And once you can understand the reason, you can then turn your own straw into gold. 
And you must do must clear your cosmic karma to feel fulfilled, it is the reason your Soul wanted to incarnate on Earth. 

I have been doing private coaching for over a decade, and one thing that always stands out, is that from a higher perspective, there is some sort of higher perfection to ones life, even ones that required a lot of grit. Once your master your grit, and move from the grit to stand in suffering to the grit to triumph, you are a force to behold. 

When I combined my higher knowing on my clients path with astrology, I was shocked to see what was already in their stars, and especially for relationships with self, partners and children, it really opened things up when people realized it wasn't their personality, but their placements...their cosmic karma, and they could transmute aspects they thought they were stuck with, and make it work well for them. And you will have same access to shift that for yourself too. 

xo Andrea

This is Celestial Entertainment. Our policy is no refunds for digital or personalized products. Please let us know how this works for you and send us an email if you are getting stuck. There are free videos on our youtube channel so you can sample Andrea's work before purchase.  This is not legal or medical advice, you agree to full responsibility & to use your own discretion. Testimonial results are from real people, but results may not be typical. You agree to these terms with purchase. 
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