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Personalized Answers for Acceleration Now, Joie & Liberation, Attraction etc

Personalized Answers for Acceleration Now, Joie & Liberation, Attraction etc

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Made for you, listen on repeat to go higher. Readings that elevate you. xo

*There is a note section after you add this to your cart, it says "Order special instructions" Click on that box, tell me what you would like, and you can write to me in length there :)

**If you forget to add your note, please email me using the contact form and include the email address you made the order from in your message, so I can find your order and then get your reading to you as quickly as possible.

I am so happy to help you on your journey.

You can tell me what is going on, and what your desired goal is in the situation.  I have been intuitive my whole life and a leadership/negotiation/relationship consultant for over ten years and would love to share my tips and secrets with you. I want to gas you up. I want you to love the core of who you are and take the right chances in life for you.


Topic ideas if you desire:

-Why am I self-sabotaging and how do I stop?

-Money Blocks

- Dreams into Reality

- Would this X be Successful?

-  Love Advice,  I will let you know how they feel about you + advice for the union, restoring attraction, life lessons, etc

- Attracting Love/Confidence/Closure- Guidance to resolve blocks in love, and raise Self Worth

- Higher Guidance- if you are frustrated or just want extra support voice the frustrations to me in your note (detailed instructions above on the note), and what you desire to have instead

Through the cards, I reveal the untapped potential within you, untangling the knots that hinder your growth. By shining a light on the shadows, my readings empower you to confront unresolved issues, release limiting beliefs, and embrace your authentic self.
Walk toward a life of being your true self, being shattered by joy, finally-peace, and pulsating fulfillment to guide you through life's experiences.
Imagine the power of understanding your depths—the subconscious patterns, desires, and motivations that shape your existence. Armed with this self-awareness, you can make conscious choices that align with your true purpose. By unlocking the secrets of your underworld, you can expedite positive change, bypassing years of uncertainty and struggle. If you want to try, let's go! 
I will go as deep as possible for you. One price, pick one topic, or up to three topics/questions xo

Please allow an up to 1- 4 days turnaround approximately. I will email you an approximate time once I see your order. Give me please 24 hours, during business hours, to see your order, given timezones.

I will email you a link to your video once I am complete with your reading.

I am here to really help you see things from a higher perspective so you can receive what you desire. Be open and forthright in your email to me on your topic.

I am here to be on your side. 

No Medical Questions. No Legal Questions, though I can help with Strategy.

This is sold curio only per California law. Thank you.


Thank you for trusting Andrea Coeur to read for you. Please note, take everything you receive under your own advisement and make your own final decision with the information presented to you. You alone assume full responsibility for any choices you make with this material. 

There are No Refunds for this personalized service. But please let me know if there are any problems. I want this to be something you cherish and that helps you. 

Please email us, if you desire, and let us know how the reading landed for you. I always love reading those and celebrating you.

To your Success dear Human. xx

This is Otherworldly Entertainment. Our policy is no refunds for digital or personalized products. Please let us know how this works for you and send us an email if you are getting stuck. There are free videos on our YouTube channel so you can sample Andrea's work before purchasing.  This is not legal or medical advice, you agree to full responsibility & to use your own discretion. Testimonial results are from real people, but results may not be typical. You agree to these terms with purchase. 

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