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Energy Adjustments, Intuitive Counseling

This offer includes help with negotiations, tricky relationships, boundaries, self-worth, activating gifts, bringing in love, clearing burdensome dynamics, karmic loops and knots from your field, etc.

What you will get is a video or audio (depending on which format best serves the tools I use to help guide you to solve your problem) to give you as much clarity as possible about the stage of life you are in right now, and specific strategies and tools for how you get what you most desire right now. This can include tarot, candle work, intuitive messages, whatever strategy or insight I can use to assist your evolution as rapidly or directly as possible at this time, in a way that you can sustain.

"In the Renaissance Era, the economy favored the multi-dimensional. The polymaths. The artists who refused to limit their abilities. The thinkers, creators, designers, builders, and individuals who took responsibility for their mental, physical, and spiritual development. In the Digital Renaissance we are going through, history is repeating itself." Dan Koe

Now is the time to receive the fruits of being all of you. 

I have had people come to me saying they invested in someone that gave them the wrong map because they just cared about quick results, not who they were at a Soul level. 

That is where I am distinct. My higher self, speaks with your higher self and helps to guide you into owning all of you. And I can show you the most direct path for you to take as you do it too.

Please write your answers to the question below, in the note box area when you check out. This will let me know what you are going through right now so I can best serve you.

What are your obstacles, and what are your desired results?

I will spend time 20 minutes or so meditating on your answers before I even begin the audio/video. I will give you something that is efficient, thorough and caring as I can be within the allotted time that you choose. 

I will go as deep as possible, utilizing worldly practical strategy and my intuition, to help you push upward in your life and repair whatever I can within our time allotment.

    Higher Mastery Means Seeing the Perfection In Life, and that Means All of It...It Means Seeing the Perfection in All of You Too. 

    Not in An Arrogant way, but in a way that Allows you to Extend Your Energy Out to Others for Them to Also See Their Own Majesty Within 

    A Masterful Empress/Emperor is not about Forceful Power, but Power, Enchanted. And that kind of Power Creates true Influence, that Kind that Can Move Humans to Do Great Things for a Benevolent Reason

    The Empress is the Priestess, She is the Passion, She has it ALL

    She gets it Done and She is in a State of Pleasure while she Does It...

    We Are Not Here to Suffer, We All Deserve to Be Able to Celebrate Life.

    When you Balance your own Karma, You Inspire Others to Do the Same.

    This offer may include elements of tarot readings, energy healings on fulfilling your higher calling, deepening your romantic relationships, purifying your frequency, clearing generational karma, astrological insights on your unique placements, as well as support for sales, negotiations, or any emotional support needed process.

    I am very good at helping business owners and artists to negotiate for themselves, or those going through divorce, especially those leaving a narcissist, or children of narcissists and you will have my support in any of those ways you need.

    You will learn to work in harmony with both structure & passionate expression. When the masculine and feminine energies within you are in harmony with one another, this is what sets us free. 

    I can activate the Divine Magician within you should you desire. 

    Promise yourself to  Bring Out All of You in the most beautiful way.

    Not just for us, but it is important for you to get the Gift of You. 

    This is personalized Leadership Training. Our policy is no refunds for digital or personalized products or services. I am here to guide those who are ready to face themselves. I do see things in a deeper way, which can be confronting, but always wondrously liberating, compassionate and will make room for your dreams to manifest.

    Please email me if you have any questions.

    Please let us know how this works for you and send us an email if you are getting stuck. There are free videos on our youtube channel so you can sample Andrea's work before purchase.  This is not legal or medical advice, you agree to full responsibility & to use your own discretion. Testimonial results are from real people, but results may not be typical. You agree to these terms with purchase. Sold as curio per California law.

     *Limited Spots available each month.

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